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Atari Super Pong Board Mods

By 1974 Pong-mania was in full swing. In an attempt to capitalize on the success, and rev-up interest in the franchise, Atari produced Super Pong which was a direct improvement on the original game. Super Pong used the same original Syzygy Pong hardware with just a few simple modifications. The factory mods added a couple of new elements to the game including three paddles for each player and enhanced randomness of speed and ball position.



The Super Pong upgrade is amazingly simple. Atari engineers cut one trace and tied in two unused AND gates at ref des C1 using hookup wire. Anyone with rudimentary soldering skills can perform the upgrade:

      Cut trace in the middle between E3 pin 13 and H3 pin 2.

      Attach wire between C1 pin 1 and H5 pin 6.

      Attach wire between C1 pin 2 and C1 pin 8.

      Attach wire between C1 pin 3 and H3 pin 2.

      Attach wire between C1 pin 9 and E2 pin 13.

      Attach wire between C1 pin 10 and C6 pin 14.

Thatís it! Coin up and play some Super Pong!