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Troubleshooting Atari Power Supplies

After exhausting all of the small, easy fixes you find youíre still staring at that blank screen with your brow furled, wondering what youíve really gotten yourself into by dragging this big wooden box of torment home with you. Fear not! Weíre just getting started battling the demons that are holding your game down from reaching the lofty heights of your expectations. The perfect place for us to start is behind the back door of your Atari game. Go ahead and open it up and remove the back door. If you find itís locked and donít have the key, you can always drill the lock.


Inside the back youíll find the two main components of the power supply system. The power brick is the large metal box-looking thing at the bottom. The Audio Regulator (AR) is mounted vertically immediately behind the power brick. They work together to supply all of the necessary voltages your game need to operate correctly.


(Pic of Atari cab)


If thereís something wrong with the power supply system, weíll find it here. Letís start with the Atari Power Brick.

Power Brick >>>


If youíve already narrowed the problem you can jump right to the section of interest:




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